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Identify a short passage — either one of those listed here or, if you prefer, another one of similar length — which can be interpreted in (at least) two different ways. Give two different interpretations, indicating briefly what can be said in favor of each (on the basis of the text itself and/or based on other things you know about Locke’s views). No need to find a conclusive argument for one interpretation or the other — if nothing else, you don’t have space for that; just give each of them some reasonable support. (Needless to say this should be your own original work.[1]If you have any questions about policies on plagiarism and related issues, please see

Along with the suggested passages below you will find some hints as to why they might be difficult to understand. You need not follow those hints, however; please ignore them if you don’t find them useful.

Note that this is not a full scale paper — please do not write an introduction and conclusion, summarize other, irrelevant parts of the text, etc. Just focus on doing the above.

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